What are club promoters?

A: A club promoter is a person hired by a specific venue/company to advertise any live events such as concerts/promotional dinners/pool parties/ gigs and nightclubs. *Promoters in Miami are paid by specific venues to bring clients that will be purchasing bottle service, and girls to keep the life of the party at its highest throughout the night.

How does the guest list work?

A: Choose the nightclub and the event that you would like to attend and fill out the guest list form located in our HOME page. Make sure to include the correct date and number of girls in your group. From there you will receive a text confirmation with instructions. Once on our list, the ladies will receive complimentary entry, access to our VIP table and unlimited drinks all night long. REMINDER: The guest list is ALWAYS determined by the venue and it is NOT 100% guaranteed.

Are guest lists for girls only?

A: Yes – no exceptions.

When should I reserve a table?

A: If you are not willing to take a risk of waiting in line, are a large group, or you are celebrating a special occasion, you might want to consider reserving a table. When we make your reservation, you will get your own VIP table in one of the best areas of the club. Your waitress will give you the menu to look over and you can order any type of bottles you prefer. Table price is just a spending minimum – the minimum is the amount you must spend on alcohol or anything else on the menu. Pricing for bottles typically start at $450 at most nightclubs in South Beach, so you can buy as many bottles as you please as long as you reach the spending minimum. If this is the option you choose, all you will need to do is provide us with the name of the card holder that wants to make the reservation and we will take care of the rest.

What is the dress code?

A: Dress codes may vary from venue to venue. Some require more upscale attire, and other allow more leniency with fashion.
Ladies: You should avoid flip-flops or any type of flat shoes. You can certainly get away with much more than the guys, but a nice dress with some decent heels will always work.
Gentlemen: Slacks or nice jeans, dress shoes or stylish sneakers. Avoid hats/athletic attire.